Hyundai to launch five-seat autonomous aircraft in 2028

15 Nov 2021

Hyundai’s flying taxi concept will make its inaugural passenger flight in 2028, with the firm creating the Supernal brand to spearhead its ambitions.

Supernal will be based in the United States with the goal of developing a four or five-seat, autonomous, electric-powered eVTOL, an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

It previously showed its first eVTOL concept, the SA-1, at CES in Las Vegas last year. 

Alongside the development of the eVTOL vehicle, Supernal is working with private and public stakeholders to bring Advanced Air Mobility technology to the market.

Last year Supernal partnered with Urban-Air Port, a UK start-up company that is currently building a dedicated eVTOL landing hub in Coventry which it hopes to open in 2022. 

“In adding a new dimension to mobility, we are on a mission to transform how people and society move, connect, and live,” said Jaiwon Shin, chief executive officer of Supernal and president of Hyundai Motor Group. 

“We are working to build the right product and the right integrated market, and we will leverage Hyundai Motor Group’s scaled manufacturing expertise to ensure AAM reaches the right price point and is accessible to the masses.”



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