Skoda previews Enyaq iV Coupe design ahead of UK reveal

11 Jan 2022

Skoda has shared images of its new Enyaq iV Coupe ahead of its reveal later this month.

The Enyaq Coupe has been teased in official design sketches from Skoda, which highlight the car’s new rakish roofline.

Skoda says that thanks to the new design, the Coupe version of the electric SUV has less drag, resulting in a slightly greater range between charges.

Aside from the roof, the Enyaq Coupe is expected to be mechanically identical to the regular Enyaq, and will be offered with the same battery options as the standard variant. 

At present the Enyaq iV is offered with either a 77kWh battery which can achieve a range of 336 mile, with the smaller 58kWh battery delivering 256 miles. 

The front of the Enyaq Coupe is identical to the standard model and features the same light-up grille that is found on the straight-backed variant. 

Skoda has not yet revealed how much the new Enyaq Coupe will cost, but it is likely to be in a similar brice bracket to that of the standard model, which starts from £34,850. 



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