Vauxhall to go all electric by 2028

3 Mar 2022

Vauxhall has confirmed the new Manta EV will arrive in the UK by 2025 - as it bids to wave goodbye to the internal combustion engine completely by 2028.

The original Manta coupé was badged as an Opel but will be reborn as a Vauxhall-badged electric SUV. Vauxhall says it will be a spacious new interpretation of the original, but will take styling cues from its predecessor. 

The new Manta is likely to be the brand’s first EV to feature the new STLA EV architecture, a new, cutting-edge platform which will form the backbone of all future EV models. Vauxhall has previously promised to produce an electrified version of every model it sells by 2024 and go all-electric by 2026.

Vauxhall's parent company Stellantis - which owns a number of manufacturers including Citroën and Peugeot - has also pledged to go all electric in Europe by 2026 and launch 75 new electric cars by 2030. 

To make the switch to electrification, Vauxhall says its future successors to the Crossland and Insignia will be fully electric.

Vauxhall says that in the near future they will offer EVs with ranges of between 310 miles and 497 miles, as well as rapid charging capabilities of 20 miles per minute. This is quite an upgrade considering the current e-CMP platform uses a 50kWh battery that achieves a range of around 200 miles. 

Stellantis, alongside Mercedes-Benz and Total, will also launch the Automotive Cells Company, a new battery manufacturing arm that will supply future Stellantis EV models. 

Image courtesy of Autocar



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