The 10 electric cars with the longest range

16 Jan 2023

Whether range anxiety is real or not, the distance an electric car can travel on a full battery remains one of the key factors to consider when buying an electric car.

The good news is that the range of electric cars has increased dramatically in recent years, making them practical transport for all types of journey – especially if you can charge at home. But which EVs will go furthest on a charge?

To find out, we've delved through the spec sheets to unearth the 10 electric cars on sale in the UK with the longest range. We've used the official Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) figures, a rigorous emissions and efficiency test. While far more reliable than previous tests, the WLTP figures still tend to be a bit higher than the mileage you'll achieve in the real world, but they do provide a good, consistent guide.

So what are the ten cars with the longest range? Let's find out.

1. Mercedes EQS 450+ AMG Line - 453 miles

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is the German brand's luxury electric car and, in 450+ AMG Line trim, delivers a whopping 453 miles of range between charges. Packed full of tech and offering excellent comfort throughout the EQS is a commendable EV that is also excellent to drive. 

Its 107.8kWh battery is capable of charging at 200kW, so if you can get your hands on a charger able to to achieve such speeds you can recharge the EQS up to 80% in just over half an hour. When charging at home using a 7kWh wallbox device expect an inflated charging time of over 15 hours. The EQS does come at a premium though: prices start from £102,160 

2. Tesla Model S Dual Motor All Wheel Drive - 405 miles

The Tesla Model S certainly isn't the newest of the firm's line-up, but with a range of 405 miles it's still the US firm's best long-distance cruiser. With a modern, minimalist interior and super technology onboard the Model S is a mighty EV that offers much more than just an excellent range.

The Model S has a 100kWh battery and can be charged up to speed of 150-250kWh using Tesla's unrivalled Supercharger network, and you can hit 80% capacity in a little over 40 minutes. Using a 7kWh home wallbox charger, the Model S takes 14 hours to recharge. As a luxury EV the Model S isn’t cheap with prices starting from £95,000. 

It's also worth noting that the Model S is currently being updated, with new versions – including the much-anticipated Plaid model – on the way. That could stretch its range still further.

3. BMW i7  - 387 miles

The German car brand’s flagship electric luxury saloon only launched last year and made an immediate name for itself thanks to a notable range figure of 387 miles. 

And such an impressive range isn’t the only attribute worthy of praise, as the new i7 features a suite of innovative tech systems, including a 31.3 inch cinema screen for rear passengers. 

Charging is made less of a chore thanks to the BMW 195kW maximum charging capabilities, meaning a 10-80% charge should take just over 30 minutes. 

Such a luxury EV comes at a premium however, with the i7 starting from £110,545. 

4. Mercedes EQE - 384 miles

It might be the shorter-range sibling of the car maker’s flagship EQS saloon, but with a promised 384 miles of range on offer, the EQE is a highly recommendable EV. 

The executive electric saloon can charge from 10-80% in around 32 minutes thanks to a rapid charging capabilities - peak charging rate is lesser than that of the EQS at 170kW. 

It may be pitched as the EQS’s younger brother, but the EQE still gets the same tech features, with the radical Hyperscreen available as an option. 

Prices for the Mercedes EQE start from £74,345. 

5. Hyundai Ioniq 6 - 382 miles

Another newcomer in 2022, the aerodynamically-honed Ioniq 6 ‘streamliner’ landed with a knockout punch in the form of a 382-mile range. That’s an impressive statistic considering the Ioniq 6 is only the Korean brand’s second bespoke electric car. 

And it may look a bit G-series Porsche at the rear, but the exterior design has been specifically designed to aid efficiency. That being said, to achieve the headline 382-mile range, buyers must add 18-inch wheels and digital wing mirrors. 

Charging takes just 18 minutes using a 350kW charger, although finding a device that offers such speeds in the UK is a struggle. 

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 starts from £46,745 in the UK.

6. BMW iX - 380 miles

BMW’s boldly styled iX is the German brand's latest EV and delivers an admirable 380 miles of range between charges. Step inside the iX and you are greeted with classy-looking recycled plastics, sustainably sourced wood, swish upholstered seats and more tech onboard than your local branch of Currys. 

There are more positives too when it comes to charging the iX. Using a DC CCS rapid charger you can replenish the 105.2kWh in around half an hour. If you’re looking to charge the iX overnight then be warned as it would take 16 hours to recharge the EV using a domestic 7kWh charger. 

The range king of the iX line-up is the xDrive 50, which is available in either sport or M Sport trim. Prices for the sport version start from £93,905 and if you want the M Sport model that will cost you an extra £3000. It's not cheap, but it's an excellent car for your money. While the long range will impress everyone, the kidney grille may prove more divisive.

7. Polestar 3 - 379 miles

The Volvo spin-off brand revealed the performance-orientated SUV late last year, with the Polestar 3 set to offer 379 miles of range. 

Primed for deliveries in 2023, the BMW iX rival has a £79,900 price tag and majors on sustainability, with Polestar aiming to build the 3 in a ‘responsible’ manner.

The 380kW SUV can be charged at 250kW; that should allow for a 10-80% charge in just 30 minutes. Polestar’s second battery electric vehicle also boasts an array of technological features, including LiDAR driver assistance systems. 

8. Tesla Model 3 - 374 miles 

The UK’s best-selling electric car is desirable for a number of reasons, and its 374-mile range is certainly one of them. Packed full of technology and offering great practicality the Model 3 is an excellent EV that does everything an electric car should. It’s also great to drive too.

On the charging front, the Model 3 has access to Tesla’s excellent Supercharger network. Using a 120kW charging point you can charge the Model 3 from 10%-80% in just over 30 minutes. As for home charging with a 7kW unit, this is likely to take around 11 hours.Prices for the Model 3 Long Range start at £57,490. There is a cheaper Rear-Wheel Drive version available with a smaller battery for £48,490, although it 'only' has a range of 305 miles.

9. Lotus Eletre - 373 miles

The Hethel-based brand’s first bespoke electric car launched in March 2022 and is set to offer a 373-mile range from a 112kWh battery and rear-wheel-drive motor. 

Not only is the Eletre Lotus’s first electric car, it is also the car maker’s first SUV, with the new model featuring an innovative aerodynamically focused exterior design.

The 450kW SUV is priced from £89,500, becoming the first car to launch after Chinese car giant Geely took over the British marque. 

Lotus has not disclosed the maximum charger speed of the Electre, but has promised that using a fast charging device, the car’s battery can be boosted from 10-80% in around 20 minutes. 

10. Ford Mustang Mach E - 372 miles

No this isn’t a V8 muscle car: Ford has used the fabled nameplate for its first electric SUV. While it might not be a Mustang as you know it, it's definitely practical: the Mach E offers an excellent 372 miles of range. It can also be charged up to a speed of 150kW, meaning you can replenish the battery of the Ford from 10-80% in around 40 minutes. Home charging takes 14 hours if using a domestic 7kWh wallbox unit. 

Although somewhat compromised by its ride and handling the Mach E offers great standard features and should be commended for its range and practicality. 


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