First Volvo electric tipper trucks in UK get to work

9 Jun 2022

British aggregate haulage firm Fox Group has welcomed two new Volvo FE Electric tippers to its fleet of vehicles - and they’re the first to be delivered for use in the UK.

The pair of electric trucks will operate from the company’s depot in Leyland where charging infrastructure has been installed to support the trucks and staff cars. 

Both trucks were supplied by dealer Thomas Hardie Commercial who worked with Fox Group to create the best possible specification using the manufacturer’s Electric Range Simulator. 

Volvo’s electric tipper truck is equipped with four electric batteries allowing for a range of 93 miles (150km), with Volvo adding this would be ideal for Fox Group’s local work.

The FE electric powertrain consists of two electric motors and a two speed gearbox, with a peak power output of 400kW. 

The trucks can also use different driving modes which adjust performance, comfort and energy use levels. 

Both Volvo Electric 6x2 rigids are plated at 27-tonnes which is a tonne more than the standard three-axle rigid. Volo says this helps to offset the additional weight of the batteries. 

Fitted with Thompsons tipper bodywork, the two trucks will work primarily on local contracts for clients such Lancashire County Council. 

The trucks will move materials to and from construction sites, before returning to the Leyland base to be charged overnight. 

Both trucks feature a day cab, full air suspension and a hydraulically-steered rear axle to aid manoeuvrability.  

To help Fox Group with the transition, dealer Thomas Hardie Commercial provided the company with driver training for those moving from diesel trucks to the new electric models. 

“We are strongly committed to playing our part in the UK’s push to reach net zero and we
will be making more of our fleet electric in the future,” said Paul Fox, managing director of Fox Group. 

“This milestone is just the beginning of the journey, and we believe if the country is serious about substantially reducing carbon emissions, the construction sector needs to join the party – and we are proud to be playing our part and leading from the front.”


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