Raleigh upgrades Motus e-bike range with more power

25 Feb 2022

Long-running British bike firm Raleigh has upgraded its best-selling Motus range of e-bikes with more powerful motors to offer extra range.

The Motus range introduced in 2019, and with this latest update has now expanded to five different models, each of which is offered in 10 colours and with either a crossbar or low step design. All the machines feature the Bosch PowerTube electric system, which is built into the frame and can be removed for charging.

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The entry-level Motus model has been upgraded from a 300 to 400WH motor, which increases the pedal assist range from around 60 to 80 miles – the firm claims that represents an energy output of 250% of your pedalling power.

That machine is priced from £2199, which is up around £200 on the previous version. It also featured a Purion Display that operates the four different electric assist modes and also shows speed, battery life and remaining range. It’s also fitted with a seven-speed gear system, mudguards, disc brakes and a kick stand.

The Motus Tour and Motus Grand Tour are both offered with either Derailleur or Hub gearing systems, with all models getting an integrated front and rear lights and a built-in wheel lock. The Motus Tour uses a Bosch Inuvia display.

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The range-topping Motus Grand Tour uses a 500Wh version of the Bosch PowerTube, which increases both the power of the Active Line Plus motor and stretches the claimed range to around 100 miles.

The Motus Tour Derailleur is priced at £2499, with the Hub version costing £2599. The Motus Grand Tour versions cost £2699 and £2799 respectively.



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