Bosch e-bike charging stations to boost National Cycle Network

9 Jun 2022
Bosch e-bike PowerStation

Electric bike charging points will be introduced on the UK’s National Cycle Network, thanks to a new partnership between the Sustrans and leading e-bike motor manufacturer Bosch.

The arrangement will involve Bosch eBike Systems installing a number of its charging points, branded PowerStations on the network. The believe is that being able to charge up e-bike batteries while on the network will encourage riders to take on longer journeys.

The initial stage will feature the addition of six PowerStations, at what Sustans describes as key locations. Four of the chargers will be on the Caledonia Way in Scotland, with others at the Eastside Community Trust in Bristol and Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. Sustans says “many more sites” will gain PowerStations in the future.

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The charging points are all in indoor locations, and close to dedicated bike parking. Rider do not need to bring a charging cable: they simple need to detach the battery from their bike and connect it to a mounted cable on the charger. There is a lockable compartment to store the battery while it is charging.

At present, only Bosch batteries are compatible with the PowerStations, but the firm says future charging points will be compatible with other e-bike battery systems. Bosch’s e-bike motors are used by more than 100 brands.

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Bosch started introducing PowerStations in the UK in 2018. The devices work on a standard 4A plug connection, and the firm said that a 50% charge takes around an hour, depending on battery size.

The National Cycle Network is managed by Sustains, which represents walkers and cyclises, and currently features 12,739 miles of signed routes. That includes 5220 miles of traffic-free paths, with the remainder on roads.


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