New Silence S01+ joins line-up as new performance range-topper

20 Jun 2022

The Silence S01+, a performance oriented model which sits at the top of the brand’s e-moto scooter range, has been launched by the British electric scooter firm Silence UK. 

Founded in 2021, Silence currently offers a range of Vespa-like electric scooters, with the S01+ becoming the sixth model in the firm’s plug-in all-electric range. 

The new S01+ is based on the firm’s S01 Connected model and features a 5.6kWh removable battery and 7.5kW motor. This allows for a 0-30mph time of just 3.9 seconds and a limited top speed of 62mph. 

For added response when needed, Silence has added faster acceleration to the S01+ when riding in Sport Mode and a “push-to-pass” overtaking mode which increases the top speed to 68mph. 

Silence has also added adjustable suspension, Galfer ventilated brake discs and a “suite of sporty design cues” including a contrast textured seat, red accents and Anthracite grey paint. 

Silence by name, silence by nature: the firm reinventing the scooter

Riders can also connect to the S01+ through the dedicated Silence App and can view information such as charge status and remote lock and unlock. 

“Silence is a stylish and practical alternative to combustion bikes, whether you’re an individual, or business user,” said Tony Lewis, co-founder of Silence UK. 

“Now with S01+, we’re adding extra sports style, for those who want their Silence to stand out from the crowd. Production of the S01+ is available in limited numbers so it’s very much first come first served!” 

The Silence S01+ costs £6795, just over £1000 more than the previous range topping S01 Connected, which is priced at £5695. 


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