MotoE World Championship launches with new bike and charging tech

19 Jan 2023

The revamped Enel MotoE World Championship will help Ducati accelerate development of its electric motorbike technology, according to the company's boss.

The Italian manufacturer, which is part of the Volkswagen Group, will take over as the supplier of machines used in the one-make series this year. The category, which is organised by MotoGP promoter Dorna Sports, has also been upgraded to a full world championship for the first time.

Ducati secured a deal to take over from Energica in supplying the bikes that the 18 riders will use in the category from this year onwards. Energica had supplied the bikes since the series first launched in 2019.

The firm has developed the new V21L e-motorbike for the category. Speaking at the official launch of the championship, Ducati boss Claudio Domenicali said the supply deal was "a cornerstone" of the brand's wider electrification strategy.

He added: "With the V21L we wanted to challenge the limits of the sector by aiming to create the most performing electric motorcycle ever made for the track.

"Above all, we wanted to develop the Company's internal expertise to be ready when battery technology, in particular weight, will make it possible to create an electric street motorcycle with all the characteristics that distinguish a Ducati."

Charging firm Enel X Way has also signed up as the new title sponsor for the category, and will also use the deal to speed up its development. Company boss Elisabetta Ripa said the goal was to provide "a fully sustainable charging solution".

She added that the firm would provide two charging systems which would be integrated into a "fully sustainable micro-grid" that features battery storage and solar panels.

What is the Ducati V21L?

First seen testing in 2021, the V21L went into production at the firm's MotoE Racing Department last December, with the 18 machines that will be used in the series now built ahead of pre-season testing.

In addition to the 18 e-motorbikes that will be raced, five spare units will be made available to MotoE. 

The V21L powertrain offers 110kW and 103lb ft of torque, giving the machine a top speed of 170mph, with the 21kg motor able to rotate at speed of up to 18,000. 

The bike uses an 800V system, which Ducati says maximises output, performance and range. Sat in the frame is a 18kWh battery featuring 1152 cylindrical cells. 

Ducati says the production of the V21L prototypes represents “the beginning of a new and important chapter in Ducati's history”. 

The firm added that the project would help Ducati develop its future into the electric era, citing that the MotoE championship would help to develop motorbikes for enthusiasts. 

“The MotoE project represents a decisive step for Ducati to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions on the product side, alongside research into synthetic fuels that can reduce the total CO2 emissions of internal combustion engines to zero”, said Ducati CEO, Claudio Domenicali.

“It is an important area of experimentation, in which we are investing to build know-how, so that we will be ready when battery technology should allow the creation of an exciting electric road bike with the weight, performance and range that enthusiasts expect from a Ducati.”

The first test for riders and teams will take place at Jerez, after which the teams will head to Barcelona for further testing in April. 

The MotoE championship gets under way at the French Grand Prix in May on 13 May 2023. 


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