Carver Electric to offer electric three-wheeler tests at Selfridges

6 Apr 2022

When taking a trip to Selfridges you would expect to find designer brands offering the latest fashion trends. 

The last thing you might expect to see would be a leaning electric trike available for test drives. But then electric transportation is becoming quite fashionable now - which is why Carver Electric is giving visitors to the department store the chance to try its three-wheeled microcar. 

The Dutch firm is launching two new versions of its Carver EV; the S+ model which has a top speed of 50mph and the Carver R+. Both have an electric range of 80 miles and are available as a two-seater, or as a cargo version which offers 500 litres of storage space. 

The brand currently offers the standard Carver which is also available as a two seater or cargo model, which Carver Electric says can achieve 60 miles of range from less than £1 of electricity. 

At only one metre wide the Carver is aimed at the urban mobility market, and with an extra rear wheel promises more stability than a two-wheeled machine. Occupants are sheltered from the elements thanks to a windscreen, roof and doors. 

The Carver features all the usual mod-cons of a car including a steering wheel, automatic gears and a patented tilting mechanism. 

And being a full electric vehicle, the Carver is exempt from all the Ultra Low Emission ULEZ charge and the Congestion Charge. It can be driven in bus lanes and you only need to have a L2 Category P licence to drive the Carver on the road. 

The Carver will be on display and available for test drives at Selfridges stores in London, Birmingham and Trafford Centre in Manchester. Test drives will be available from the 4 April to 30 April as part of Selfridges’ Supermarket.  

“With rising fuel costs, concern over local air quality, worries about climate change, and worsening congestion in our cities, there has never been a better time to buy an electric Carver,” said Carver Electric director William Keene. 

The Carver is available now and starts from £10,000. 


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