Zeus plans to bring three-wheeled rental e-scooters to UK after buying Zwings

2 Sep 2022

Irish micromobility firm Zeus is planning to introduce its unusual three-wheeled e-scooters to the UK after acquiring British firm Zwings.

Founded in 2019, Zeus currently has operations in 42 cities across Croatia, Germany, Italy, Malaysia Norway and Sweden, with a fleet of more than 5000 three-wheeled rental e-scooters.

The firm has now expanded into the UK after a cash-plus-equity acquisition of Zwings, which runs government-approved e-scooter trial rental schemes in Cheltenham, Gloucester and South Somerset and has more than 78,000 registered customers.

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Zeus will take over the Zwings operation in those locations, and will continue to operate regular two-wheeled e-scoters to meet the rules for the Department for Transport trial fleets. 

But the UK government is currently working on plans to legalise e-scooters and other light electric vehicles through the creation of a new vehicle category, and Zeus says that once that happens it intends to introduce its three-wheeled scooter.

The machine has a second wheel on the front axle, which Zeus says makes if safer and more stable. The firm added that its success in other markets proves that the three-wheeled scooter “makes the use of this vehicle category more appealing to a much wider range of users, including older generations and those with disabilities, while also helping prevent misuse and dangerous driving.” 

Zeus founder Damian Young (pictured above) said that the firm is “delighted to be entering the UK market as our nearest neighbour and we hope to further enhance the positive impact that Zwings has made in the UK market."

Zeus recently completed a £4.3 million funding round to help continue its expansion, and currently employs 36 full-time staff in Ireland. The firm does not yet have any operations in its home country, because the Irish government has yet to put regulations in place for e-scooters. While legislation is being worked on, it is unlikely to pass until 2023.


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