New Volkswagen ID 2all: entry-level EV concept to be revealed today

15 Mar 2023

Volkswagen will reveal a new ID 2all concept that previews an 'entry level' electric car later today (Wednesday).

The firm will reveal the machine at an event called VW For The People (or #VWforthepeople, for social media types). As well as showcasing the firm's long-awaited 'affordable' EV, with a target price of around £22,500 (€25,000), it will also preview the firm's new design language.

The Volkswagen ID 2all has now been revealed. Click here to read the story

Speaking ahead of the reveal, Volkswagen brand boss Thomas Schäfer confirmed the concept would be named the ID 2all, and would also feature design cues inspired by the brand's past models such as the Golf.

It is possible that the machine could take a different name when it goes into production, with Schäfer again hinting that the Golf name would continue with a future all-electric model.

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Our sister title Autocar has previously reported that Volkswagen’s long-awaited entry-level machine is set to be revealed at some point this month. The Volkswagen Group have spent years working on an entry-level EV platform that can be used for a range of electric vehicles from Volkswagen and its sister brands Cupra and Skoda, which will all have a starting price of around £22,500.

We’ve already seen a Cupra UrbanRebel concept, while Volkswagen previously showed an entry-level crossover called the ID Life. But it is understood that the ID Life design didn’t prove popular and has since been extensively reworking, something hinted at by a teaser sketch Volkswagen put out last year (pictured above).

It has also been reported that Volkswagen is considering branding its entry-level as the ID Golf, because it will be a similar size inside to the long-running combustion-engined model and take on its mantle as VW’s mass-market ‘peoples’ car’.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that any concept shown next week will be labelled the ID Golf: most of the concept versions of previous ID models carried a different name. For example the ID Crozz became the ID 4, and the ID Aero will go into production as the ID 7.

The three entry-level models are set to be built in Spain, and will use an extensively reworked version of the MEB platform used for machines such as the Volkswagen ID 3 and ID 4.

Called MEB Plus, Autocar has reported that new platform will allow for new lithium iron phosphate batteries and faster charging speeds of up to 200kW. It will also crucially allow for smaller models with smaller batteries, which will be key to the entry-level models hitting their £20,000 target.

The entry level models are expected to launch in around 2025, likely with a single front-mounted electric motor – although the new platform could support twin motor systems, raising the prospect of ‘hot’ performance variants.


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