Neuron e-scooter firm expands riding area in Sunderland

8 Apr 2022

An electric scooter rental firm has announced it will expand its Sunderland-based scheme to new parts of the city, one year after its launch

The city’s rental service, which  is run by Singapore-based Neuron Mobility, also has fleets of e-scooters operating in Newcastle and Slough.

In February the rental firm achieved a new milestone after its fleet of e-scooters racked up one million miles travelled in the UK. 

Neuron is now expanding its riding area in Sunderland, with destinations such as the Stadium of Light, the riverside and seafront now accessible on the firm’s N3 e-scooter. 

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With the new riding areas, Neuron says its e-scooters will better serve a variety of groups, including medical professionals employed at The Royal Hospital, as well as students living in university accommodation. 

The expanded area also covers many local shops and restaurants, which Neuron says will help local businesses, as 65% of Neuron e-scooter trips in Sunderland have led to a purchase in the city. 

Since its introduction in Sunderland last year, Neuron’s e-scooters have travelled 110,000 miles around the city, which is said to have saved an estimated ten tonnes of CO2 emissions. 

Neuron added that 95% of riders believe the e-scooters have made a positive impact in the city. 

The firm says it will continue to work closely with the council and community ‘to ensure the service remains safe, convenient, and efficient.’ 


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