New Lancia Concept set to reinvent the Stratos

31 Mar 2023
Lancia Concept

Italian firm Lancia will reveal a new concept car next month that is set to reinvent the classic Stratos for the electric age.

The new Lancia Concept will be revealed at a press event on April 15, and early preview images showcase styling cues clearly inspired by the rear-engined two-door coupe, which became a cult classic thanks to its success in the World Rally Championship in the 1970s.

The brand, which is part of car giant Stellantis, is currently only active in Italy, but has bold plans to expand as an upmarket brand that will effectively be twinned with DS.

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Lancia boss Luca Napolitano said that the concept "is the brand manifesto for the next ten years", adding that it is a "100 per cent electric concept car."

The machine builds on a previous Lancia Pu+Ra Zero design study revealed by the firm last November, which hinted at the general form and styling features future models would adopt. 

Lancia has highlighted that the Concept will feature round rear lights that evoke the Stratos, but also noted that there would be a lot of new features. That will include an innovative-sounding circular roof, which is intended to both improve visibility and let light in.

The Pu+Ra Zero revealed last November a “three-dimensional manifesto” that showcases the “essence” of its new design language. Which basically means that it looks a bit like a spaceship from a Sci-Fi film, but if you squint there are some clear clues about car design there.

Pu+Ra stands for ‘Pure’ and ‘Radical’, in case you were wondering. The firm says new styling is inspired by Italian classic design, including the ‘soft, pure and sensual shapes of the Aurelia and Flaminia’, along with expressions of ‘radicality and simplicity’ inspired by furniture, architecture and fashion.

Essentially, it showcases a future design language that is very simple, with clean lines and focus on basic shapes. There's 3D-effect Lancia lettering, while the front will feature some level of three-point triangle styling.

While the Pu+Ra Zero is really a hint at some possible styling lines, the firm has confirmed it will work with Italian design company Cassina on the interiors of its future electric models. The firm says that it wants the interior of its machines to embrace ‘typical Lancia elegance’, with the aim to offer a ‘living-room’ style experience.

Lancia has also received a new logo, along with a new font for its branding. 

The new-look styling and logo will feature on the next-gen Ypsilon city car that will arrive in 2024 (in both petrol and electric forms) and and the revived Delta that is due by 2025, which are due to launch in the coming years.

Lancia currently only offers a single car, the Ypsilon, in Italy. While the next-gen Ypsilon will initially be offered in Italy the firm will expand into five other European markets (France, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany) with an electric-only line-up by 2026. Lancia bosses say that the rest of Europe “will follow”, although there is no news year on UK plans.


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