New Peugeot Inception: first images of futuristic concept car

15 Dec 2022

Peugeot will give a glimpse into its next-generation of electric vehicles with a new concept car called the Inception – and it's now given a glimpse of that with a series of teaser images.

Yes, we're taking about a preview of a preview. Confused? Well, perhaps Peugeot is leaning into the Inception name, given how mind-bending the film of the same name is. And the French firm does claim that its new concept model will "turn the entire automotive experience upside down".

Peugeot has now revealed four teaser images of the car, and they don't really give much away. There's one of the firm's logo set against what appears to be the car's front end with three thin light bars set along it.

There's also a tightly cropped shot showing the name of the car – we guess it will be written on the bodywork – and two that show what appear to be front and rear lights. All very mysterious.

The Peugeot Inception will be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA on Thursday January 5. That might seem an unusual location, given that Peugeot doesn't sell cars in America, but it's all about context: the CES show is the world's biggest tech show, making it a popular venue for car firms who want to show off future-facing concepts.

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The Inception will showcase the brand's next-generation 'BEV-by-design' electric platform: the title is a reference to the new features and technology it will showcase.

Peugeot already offers the e-208 hatch and e-2008 crossover, and is gearing up to launch five new EVs in the next two years. Those will include the electric e-308 hatch and e-308 SW estate that will launch next year, and a battery-powered version of the new Peugeot 408.

But while those models are all electric versions of multi-platform models, the Inception Concept will preview its next-generation of what Peugeot calls “e-native models”, which will be designed and engineered purely as electric vehicles.

In another reference to a cult sci-fi hit, Peugeot says that the Inception Concept will “show the quantum leap the brand is soon to make” by developing bespoke electric cars. The firm says that will include “profoundly” redesigning the interior space, including a reworked version of the brand’s distinctive i-Cockpit system.

The concept will also showcase a new design language, although it will ‘enhance’ Peugeot’s current ‘feline posture’ and three-claw headlight styling.

Speaking at the Paris Motor Show, Peugeot boss Linda Jackson said that 2023 would be the brand’s “electric year”, adding that the Inception Concept would be “more than just a symbolic gesture”, showing how the brand will “reinvent the automotive experience for more pleasure”.
The machine will be based on one of parent firm Stellantis’s new bespoke electric platforms – we’d expect it to use STLA Medium, for medium and large family cars – but won’t necessarily preview a specific production model. Instead, it will be more of a vision of the brand’s future.


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