Best electric gifts for Christmas 2022

2 Dec 2022

Christmas is back again for another year. Now, a pair of socks from an aunt is great, as is the classic deodorant and shower gel gift set from a brand we all know and love (Lynx, we're looking at you). But what if you're after something with an electric twist?

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Thankfully the Move Electric Christmas gift guide is here to help you find the best electric powered machine, gadget, two-wheeler or toy to suit your needs. Check out our suggestions below.

Scalextric set

You might think that watching two cars race around a plastic figure-of-eight circuit on the floor of your living room is a mundane form of entertainment, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

With slot car machines zipping round an electric track, Scalextric likely introduced many of us to the joys of electric vehicles – it was launched way back in 1956, after all. And it's still a great source of whimsical thrills, bringing edge of the sofa battles between family members and a huge array of electrically powered cars, from racing machines, to special edition models.

There are a number of sets to choose from too, with smaller tracks and cars tailored to a younger audience, or bigger digital sets for even more thrilling racing, as these allow up to four cars on track at a time. 

If we had to choose we'd go for the Formula E race set, partly because you get Jaguar and DS Techeetah racing cars from the championship itself, and also because the cars can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet.

Scalextric has also added a multiplayer mode allowing up to 12 people to take part in the action. That means users can either drive the car itself or form part of the pit crew and deploy the car's power-ups to help determine the outcome of the race.

Our pick: Scalextric Spark Plug - Formula E Race Set 

Price: £179.99

Where can I buy it?: shops nationwide and from Scalextric directly

Segway Drift W1

Think of Segway and your mind will most likely picture the two-wheeled self-balancing machines that are often used for navigating rural terrain. But the firm has been reinvented as one of the leading producers of small mobility machines – including many rental e-bikes and e-scooters.

But what if you still want the benefits of electric propulsion but on a smaller scale? Step forward the self-balancing Segway Drift W1 e-skates. 

The wild electric e-skates are powered by 44.4Wh batteries which help the Drift W1’s to a top speed of 12km/h (7.5mph). 

Drift W1 users simply steer by leaning their weight onto the e-skates, with the e-scooter alternative automatically balancing when you step on. And because they weigh just 7kg, Segway says the Drift W1’s are easy to carry too. 

It is worth mentioning however that the e-skates fall under the same regulations as e-scooters, which means that it is illegal to use them on public roads. So you can only use them on private land with the permission of the land owner.

Our pick: Segways Drift W1

Price: £359

Where can I buy it?: from the Segway Ninebot store

Electric ride-on Cyber Truck

This one of course is for our younger Move Electric audience (or their parents). Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a ride-on electric Cyber Truck?

Sadly this tiny electric version – it doesn't have a badge on, but you can guess where the inspiration comes from – doesn’t get a huge battery offering sub three second 0-60mph times, but for back garden entertainment, the Cyber Truck Electric Ride on Pickup will certainly deliver. 

Powering the ride on Cyber Truck is a 12V battery which is paired to four small electric motors. The single-seater ride-on EV has its own music player and a handy parent remote control so mum or dad can step in should things get too lairy. 

Our pick: Cyber Truck Electric Ride on Pickup

Price: £119.95

Where can I buy it?: from Outsideplay

Young Driver Motor Cars Firefly Sport

Designed to get the younger generations interested in the joys of motoring, the Firefly Sport is a small EV built by Young Driver Motor Cars. 

Aimed at children aged between four and ten-years-old the Firefly Sport uses and aluminium chassis and all-round independent suspension set-up, with the exterior body created by automotive agency Puremedium. 

The Firefly EV uses two recyclable 12 volt batteries, powering twin 24 volt electric motors which are manufactured in Bournemouth. Top speeds will vary depending on the gearbox chosen, but will range from 25mph down to 7mph for younger drivers.

Inside the open-topped two-seater features a digital instrument pack which can be personalised with user’s information. There’s even a reversing camera. That said, you do have to pay quite a price for all this, so if you get one of these for Christmas you'd better be very thankful to Santa.

Our pick: YDMC Firefly Sport

Price: £11,500

Where can I buy it?: from the YDMC website

Samsung Jetbot Robot vacuum cleaner

Hoovering your home can be a laborious task at the best of times, but thankfully the Samsung Jetbot Robot vacuum cleaner is on hand to get the job done for you. 

Engineered with built in lidar sensors, the Jetbot is able to scan a room to gather distance information, calculate its location then work out the best route.

And don’t think you need to keep an eye on the Jetbot as it comes with a handy smartphone app that allows you to switch the device on, even when you’re not at home. Now that is neat.

The app allows you to set the Jetbot to work in specific areas by creating zones in your house. You can also restrict the path of the Jetbot with “no-go zones” so that it won’t crash into any valuable furniture or hoover up some Lego in your children’s bedroom. 

Samsung says its robotic vacuum has a maximum output of 60W and is equipped with a more efficient brush system that scoops up dirt on both hard and soft surfaces. 

Our Pick: Samsung Jet Bot+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Max 60W Suction Power

Price: £599.00

Where can I buy it?: from Samsung directly

DJI Mini 2 drone

If you’re looking to get better footage for your youtube channel, or simply like shooting video as a hobby, drones are becoming a more popular tool to give content a professional edge.

Bigger drones with high-tech cameras can be a little on the expensive side, but thankfully DJI offers a smaller device which captures great footage - and you don’t need to be a pro drone pilot either.

The Mavic Mini 2 weighs just 249g meaning you don’t need a licence to fly it and because it’s so lightweight it’s easy to carry around too. 

Built into the Mini 2’s body is a 12 megapixel camera which can shoot video up to 4k at 30 frames per second. Flight time is just over 30 minutes.

And you don’t need to worry about using the drone in extreme conditions either as the Mini 2 has level 5 wind resistance (29-38kph) although DJI says it’s not waterproof. 

Our Pick: DJI Mini 2

Price: £419

Where can I buy it?:  DJI store directly 

Gocycle G4

Not only is the Gocycle G4 an excellent folding electric bike, we think it's one of the best e-bikes you can buy, thanks to its innovative design and folding mechanism. 

It might lean towards the more premium end of the e-bike spectrum, but the G4 is a solid folding machine that was designed by a former McLaren and Bentley engineer.

Sitting in the middle of the frame is a 300Wh removable battery, which offers a range of up to 40 miles, with the G4 able to achieve a top speed limited to 15mph. 

Living with a Gocycle G4: how easy is it to adjust to?

The Gocycle also gets hydraulic front and rear brakes, a three-speed gearbox and a handy smartphone app which connects to the bike via bluetooth so you can get all the important statistics on your bike. 

If the Gocycle G4 isn’t the one for you then you can read out best electric bikes for Christmas 2022 here. 

Our pick: Gocycle G4 Matte Black

Price: £3299

Where can I buy it?: from Gocycle's online store

Lego Technic App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle

A Christmas gift guide can’t be considered complete until a Lego set is featured - well that’s what we think anyway. And, of course, we've found an electric one.

Thankfully the vast a diverse range of Lego sets on offer means there is bound to be one tailored to your tastes. But what if you want an electrified model to build after finishing off your Christmas dinner?

Feast your eyes on the Lego Technic Transformation Vehicle, a go anywhere electrically-assisted Lego model that is controlled using a smartphone app. 

The Transformation is also a two-in-one, with one side of the model being an aerodynamic tracked racer, and an exploration vehicle on the other - which makes it look like a mini Venturi Antarctica. 

With a tiny electric motor onboard, the app-controlled Lego model flips over to reveal its other exterior design when you hit a wall. And Lego has made sure the model can take plenty of punishment by adding clever shock absorbers. 

Our pick: Lego Technic App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle

Price: £129.99

Where can I buy it?:

Pure Electric Air Pro LR e-scooter

We’re a big fan of the Pure Electric e-scooter range and the firm’s flagship model the Air Pro LR e-scooter impressed us when we tested it earlier this year. 

With a 518Wh motor onboard, the stylish Air Pro LR has a range of up to 37 miles, which for an e-scooter is pretty impressive. 

Top speed is capped at 15.5mph to fall in line with the current regulations. It is also worth mentioning that private e-scooters are currently illegal to ride on public roads and pavements in the UK, but all is not lost. Earlier this year the government announced plans to legalise e-scooters, but it might be some time yet before they’re free to use in public. 

The Air Pro LR has a number of handy riding modes: Pedestrian, Medium and Fast - each of which offers a different experience. The footboard is also longer and wider which makes it easier to find a comfortable riding position. 

It might be on the pricier side; and for an e-scooter it is a little heavy, even when folded. Despite such issues, the Pure Air Pro LR is a fine electric two-wheeler that can tick many key boxes. And if the range isn’t needed, we’d recommend the standard Air Pro. 

Our Pick: Pure Electric Air Pro LR 

Price: £749

Where can I buy it?: from Pure Electric directly 

Cake Go e-motorbike

We’ve mentioned electric bikes, electric scooters, and even an electric skateboard in our list, but what you really want from Santa this year is this. The Cake Go mini electric off-road motorbike. 

Yes, the tiny e-motorbike from Swedish brand Cake has been designed specifically for kids aged six and above. 

Powering the Go along is a 8.8Ah battery, paired to an electric motor which has a peak power output of 1.5kW - that’s more than enough power for a young e-motorbike fan. And probably enough for a parent, too. 

The Go has a top speed of 25mph and can be ridden for an hour before the battery needs replenishing. It has a number of ride modes and even has regenerative braking. 

It might be on the expensive side, but if your son or daughter is hoping to get into off-road motorcycling, there’s no better place to start. 

Our pick: Cake Go

Price: £3500

Where can I buy it?: directly from Cake

Evolve Skateboards GTR Bamboo All Terrain

Prefer four wheels more than two? Then the electric GTR Bamboo All Terrain skateboard from Evolve might just be what you’re after. 

It’s certainly a good-looking machine thanks to its three-ply bamboo footboard and being the all terrain model, the GTR is able to travel on just about any surface, from wet grass to muddy trails. 

Sitting under the stylish footboard is a 504Wh battery, offering up to 19 miles of range. The wheels are driven by a dual 3000W motor which helps the GTR on to a top speed of 24mph. 

It’s reasonably lightweight too, tipping the scales at 12kg which might help when it comes to doing stunts - although we don’t recommend any Tony Hawk moves on your first go. 

As a reminder, the same rules apply for e-skateboards as e-scooters: it is illegal to use them on public roads, but you can use them on private land with the land owner's permissions.

Our pick: GTR Bamboo All Terrain

Price: £1149

Where can I buy it? directly from Evolve Skateboards

Razor Power Core S85 e-scooter

Another e-scooter? Yes, but unlike the Pure Electric mentioned above, the Razer Power Core S85 is a funky smaller e-scooter for kids. 

Designed for children eight years and above, the funky S85 is fitted with a 12V battery that thrusts the e-scooter along to a maximum speed of 10mph. Range tops out at 5.9 miles.

The S85, like all e-scooters, is operated using a thumb accelerator, with Razor adding a dual-braking system for extra safely. But just remember, like all e-scooters you are only allowed to use this on private land.

Our pick: Razor Power Core S85 e-scooter

Price: £180

Where can I buy it?: Halfords


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